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It was 1985 and we’d been living and working in Ocala for a year and a half. For more than ten years we had been employed with chain restaurants but at that point decided to explore owning our own business. Now, opening or buying a business requires money, right? Did we have any? Well…no. Not much more than two nickels. Nevertheless, we met with a local business broker who showed us several businesses for sale. Ultimately we were led to a small take out restaurant, Crunchies & Munchies.

It’s a funny thing, how life works. We had been passing Crunchies & Munchies every day, usually twice a day and sometimes three, to and from work for a year and a half. We had seen the sign advertising “Buffalo Wings” but had absolutely no idea what they were and had never even noticed the name of the establishment. We thought to ourselves, “Buffalo wings…what the heck ARE THEY? Buffalos don’t have wings!” Imagine our surprise when we realized our destination!

The owners, a husband and wife with two young children found that owning a restaurant severely limited family time and reluctantly decided to sell. They were proud of their establishment, and with good reason. They gave us samples from their menu and we were truly impressed, with not only the quality, but by how much we actually enjoyed everything! We also found it interesting to learn the history of and evolution of “buffalo wings”…that buffalo wings had first been created and introduced as an appetizer at a bar in Buffalo, NY.

We decided pretty much on the spot that Crunchies & Munchies was meant for us. There was only one tiny obstacle. Remember the money issue, or lack thereof? After much anxiety and handwringing we decided to ask Morris’ parents if we could borrow the money from them but with a clear installment plan to pay them back. Much to our surprise, they said “yes.”

It wasn’t until many years later we discovered Morris’ parents had borrowed the money and were themselves liable for the loan if we should default. What a sacrifice! Especially since they were retired and very mindful of their limited income. We were, and are extremely thankful to them for allowing us the opportunity to actively pursue our dream.

Ray and Billie were so proud of Morris and Crunchies & Munchies. During their visits from North Carolina, Ray enjoyed helping out at the restaurant “saving us money”, and Billie was a one-woman advertisement. She’d tell everyone her son was the owner of Crunchies & Munchies and encouraged them to come by and give it a try.

Ocala has been a terrific place to be in business and also to raise our children. Through Crunchies & Munchies we developed many friendships over the years. We’ve met a lot of life’s milestones, made a ton of memories and had some heartache too. Sadly, Morris’ father Ray passed away in 2000. His mother Billie is now in a memory facility. Spencer, our youngest son passed away in 2013.

Thankfully, our oldest son Coleson is living in Ocala and working at Crunchies & Munchies. He’s doing an excellent job taking care of our customers as we have striven to do. Tony, a young man who is like a son to us also works very hard on our behalf.

We wish to thank all of our customers for your continued patronage with a special nod to those early customers. Amazingly, we are now serving their grandchildren! Much heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you all!
-The Janey Family

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